Prompt #172

                  Aliens, suicide, a pink ballet tutu.  Go!


Prompt #171

                Your character is cleaning their house with their significant other or roommate, when one of them finds something in a pile of clutter that causes a huge argument.


Prompt #170

               Your yoga class is winding down.  The instructor tells everyone to get in the lotus position and closed their eyes for the unison "ohm" that ends her every class.  You open your eyes during the chant, and see the instructor doing something shocking.


Prompt #169

                Let's try something uplifting for a change.  Your character is met with obstacles at every turn, and continues to doggedly pursue their desire, whatever it may be.  Their success doesn't necessarily lie in the accomplishment of the goal.


Prompt #168

              A couple finds a lovely spot for their picnic and sets up.  Suddenly, the blanket is sucked into the ground along with their lunch.  They barely escape.